Care Guidelines | Dollie Jewellery

Your Dollie Jewellery is constructed of the highest quality components, 925 sterling silver, semi-precious stone beads, glass & crystal beads, rose gold plated beads and gold filled charms.

Sterling silver is highly reactive, and may tarnish or turn black when exposed to extreme temperatures, varying skin PH, hairspray, perfume, cleaning fluids, seawater, swimming pool water, or other chemical exposures.

This is not a fault, and the tarnish can be cleaned away and the silver colour restored with jewellery cleaning products.

We recommend Connoisseurs Silver dip, dazzle sticks and silver cleaning cloths.

**Please use silver dip with caution, and do not dip for longer than 30-40 seconds at a time**, rinse the item thoroughly in warm water, dry and polish with a silver cleaning cloth. Do not dip any item with semi-precious beads, pearls or any other porous stones.     Do not dip any item of silver including silver charms, that have black decorative oxidisation.

Clean any item of plated or gold filled jewellery with Connoisseurs Delicate dip. Dip for 30-40 seconds and then rinse with warm water, dry and polish with soft cloth.

Our stretchy bracelets and rings have been robustly tested by our quality testers over a long period of time. This is why our stretchy silicone thread is extremely durable and strong. Over time the elasticity of the bracelet or ring may loosen slightly, but the items should not lose all elasticity unless the item is overstretched.