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Silver Stacking Jewellery.  Beautifully handmade in Lincolnshire, UK.

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Our Vision

“Beautiful, durable, affordable”

Here at Dollie HQ we committed to making beautiful handcrafted silver jewellery that's designed to last, feels good and looks stunning to wear.

We love that our jewellery provides a chance to capture a memory, a moment or a meaning, and we are dedicated to creating a brand that shines through quality and flies the flag for British manufacturing.

Our Story

“There's no place like home.”

Dollie Jewellery was first established in 2014 in Cleethorpes right next to the beach, by Annabelle Rothschild.  Already operating a silver smiths jewellers in the area, she grew a desire to create a handmade silver brand that transformed everyday jewellery into something special that captured a moment or meaning and delivers in showing off that immaculate silver shine.

Dollie Jewellery stayed local until 2017, when the CMJ saw the potential and began integrating the brand amongst its members.   Soon after in 2020, a global pandemic struck and hindered national distribution so it was decided Dollie was to have an official relaunch in 2021.

Now in over 38 stores nationwide and select international locations, Dollie is fast growing with a dominant presence within the Handmade Silver Market especially amongst local jewellers within Lincolnshire.  We continue to stretch our vision and share our passion for creating beautiful silver jewellery through out the UK.

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“Beautifully handcrafted”

-925 Sterling Silver Beads
-Durable and Comfortable Silicone Elastic
-Variety of Exclusively charms
-Beautifully handcrafted in Lincolnshire
-Gift Wrapped with Fast Delivery
-1 Year Guarantee on all our Jewellery

Dollie has been making bracelets for 8 years and in that time we've mastered what it takes to create handcrafted bracelets to provide beautiful, personal jewellery that's built to last so you can build your collection for those memories and moments.


We provide a personal touch and ensure quality by handcrafting each and all of our bracelets!

Stackable Memories

Our beaded design with the elastic fit was made so you can create a collection of personal charms to remember moments and cherish memories.

Perfect Fit

We use silicone elastic to provide a comfortable and universal fit meaning our bracelets fit most! We also offer resizing when required!

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